What Is the Status of My Communications Request?

To check on all current projects in our system, simply select your campus from the “Project Reporting” drop down menu at the top of this page.

What do the colors represent?

The color-coded labels represent the statuses of projects.

What do the statuses mean?
  • Open
    • The project is waiting to be processed. In some cases, your project will remain in “Open” if there is insufficient information provided.
  • Editing / Writing
    • The project requires our Editorial team to proof, edit, and/or write.
  • Design
    • The project requires our Design team to work on a design request.
  • Video
    • The project requires our Video team to work on a video request.
  • Web / Social
    • The project requires our Digital Content team to work on web-related or social media-related requests.
  • Proofing
    • A project that has been provided back to the client to submit edits or approval. Once a project is approved, it changes to “Print – In House” or “To Be Ordered”.
  • Print – In House
    • If we have the equipment and capacity, we can print certain items in-house. Typically, items printed in-house are placed on the pickup shelves near Entrance E.
  • To Be Ordered
    • The project is waiting to be ordered with an outside vendor.
  • Ordered
    • The project has been ordered with an outside vendor.
  • On Hold
    • A project can be placed “On Hold” either by a client or member of our team for various reasons. The intent is for the project to be reopened at a later date. If a project has been in this status for a significant amount of time, it is subjected to being “Closed”. The client would then submit another CommReq when ready to proceed.
How do I contact someone about a specific project?

Please email your Account Manager about details for a specific project. Reference the “Custom Task ID” in the email for easy lookup.

Updated on February 8, 2021

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