Video Distribution Channels

What are the various ways that I can use my video?

You can use your video at an event (Sunday Service, Special Event, etc.), on a Brentwood Baptist campus website, on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) or for internal use via The Source or Common Drive.

How do I get my video into a worship service?

Only videos that related to Major Messages (link to Major Messages article) or part of a sermon series are authorized for playback in worship. If you would like more information on how Major Messages are created please read this article (link) or contact the Marketing Director.

Who puts my video on my webpage and/or on social media?

Once a video is completed and approved by the Creative Director, the Communications Team will distribute the video as requested in the Video Production Request. So, if you ask for the video to be placed on your ministry page, we can handle that, if you want delivered or worship we can handle that as well.

The only exception is social media. Social Media distribution is based on a number of changing factors. You are free to post videos on your own social media channels, however not all videos that are requested to be posted on the church’s social media channels will be posted.

Can I post the video on social media once it’s done?

Posting videos on the church’s social media channels is handled by the Creative Team. If you would like to share the videos on your social media accounts, we’d kindly ask that you’d share the post from one of our campus’ social media pages vs posting the video or link yourself.

Where can I get I copy of the video for me to keep?

All videos will be provided via a Vimeo link, where there is an option to download the video for your offline keeping.

Otherwise, the Vimeo link will live online.

Updated on January 6, 2021

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